The primary theme of ONE — the ravaging contemporary epidemic of “addictions” — is presented in the show’s ‘Hip Hop Overture’ using a Harlem talk radio show,  entitled: “What Goes Down Dot Us.” GEORGETTE an angry East Harlem resident posits her solution to drugs.

(00 “East Harlem Talk Radio”). 

JACKIE, a very attractive eighteen-year-old Black Hispanic girl saunters thru ‘Da Bloc’ on a hot summer East Harlem day wheeling her baby carriage, which has her six-month-old baby, Moses aka ‘MB’ for “Mos Best.”  She raps her vision.

 (01 “Jackie’s Rap Vision”) 

as an innovative jazz scat female rapper/singer. Jackie arrives to see her boyfriend, SHAKE SPEAR a 21-year-old Black rapper, B-Boy, and hip hop dancer in the Street Finals of the Annual East Harlem Triple Threat-Athon Competition. Shake Spear is the biological father of her baby, but Jackie is yet un-married.  

The finals pits Shake Spear one on one with “Car Tune”  a Chinese immigrant age 19.

There are six mins of break dance followed by six minutes of krump dance, followed by a final six minutes of a rap battle. Shake Spear and Car Tune are given three mins alternating spaces to battle.

The judges announce Shake Spear as the winner.

Suddenly the East Harlem Drug Squad descends and everyone scatters, discarding paraphernalia and pills as they run. Someone throws a bag of heroin into Jackie’s baby carriage on top of Moses. Only Jackie and Shake Spear are left when two drug officers appear at the scene. One cop discovers the bag of heroin in the baby carriage and snaps a pic and then flips the bag to Shake Spear while the other cop takes a photo of Shake Speak with the caught bag  in hand. They then handcuff Shake Spear, shove him into the squad car  and abscond the baby carriage as well.  

Jackie is left alone holding Moses.

Act I 

Shake Spear, unable to meet the $1,500 bail, is in jail, at Riker’s Island, awaiting trial for alleged drug dealing of heroin. Given the fragility of her financial situation, Jackie sings for change on the NYC subway 34th street concourse platform to support baby Moses.

 (03 “Jackie’s Jazz Subway”)

Moses’ life seems destined for poverty, like that of his father, when Shake Spear is framed and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

 (05 “Champion”).

Two young female doctors open an East Harlem adoption agency for the rescue of  babies, called Urgently Wanting Baby, Inc on River Street. Their River Street office gives baby Moses a hopeful new life. Jackie’s choice – to put Moses up for adoption-  is painful one.

 (04 “Yes You’re Mine Too”) 

But Jackie sees no possible way to support her baby boy on her daily subway performance change. 

PRINCESS, age 26, a super-wealthy, Asian-American 

Manhattan marketing professional, is very unhappy. Men only want her for her money and not for the genuine marriage commitment she so much desires.

 (05 “Answer My Prayer”).

She breaks up with her fiancee who she discovers has been cheating on her and decides to make a difference by dedicating her love and great wealth to a vulnerable baby boy. She hopes to instill in her adoptive son her old world values of fidelity, monogamy, and respect for women which are so missing in her generation. Princess adopts Moses as a single parent.  Urgently Wanting Baby, Inc. however, given the self-confessed work addiction issues of Princess, secretly arrange that Jackie is hired as the full-time live-in nanny. Jackie’s true relationship to Moses is to be kept a secret from Princess, to be revealed only after Moses is 21. 

The story advances to 21 years later. 

Moses has been raised in the exclusive wealthy suburbs of Plain White, NY. Moses is  prodigy classical music composer (06 “Rhapsody”)

However, Moses has a severe stutter. KING is the multi-billionaire father of Princess and is CEO of Pyramid, Inc. a top tier international Hedge Fund. King and Princess have not be able to successfully cure Moses’ speech impediment, even with all their wealth and the services of world-renowned speech therapists. 

Jackie has an idea to help which would use original verse from Shake Spear, who has been serving 21 years in Sing Sing Correctional Facility  and, as a model prisoner, has pioneered a successful prison hip hop poetry program . At first Princess is totally resistant to Jackie’s “non-professional medical approach.” However Princess is convinced when Jackie gives Princess a solution to her own work addiction challenges and then under- scores the benefits of woking in tandem as a ‘nanny- mother team” to solve the stutter.

(07 “It’s A We Thang”) (09 “It’s A We Thang Reprise”). 

Jackie’s niece, Kulet, 25, a prodigy spoken word poet and hip-hop choreographer, and grad student at NYU Tisch, teaches Moses a Total Physical Response Learning Therapy (TPRLT) that uses Shake Spear’s empowering verse with Kulet’s own choreography.

 (08 “Phonetic-Genetic Scat Tap Rap”). 

Moses is completely healed of his stutter thru rap and hip- hop movement.

This transformative experience unlocks his  talents inherited from Jackie and Shake Spear. Kulet takes Moses on as a hip hop dance and rap student. Kulet is a virgin and carries the strong old-fashioned values of her Catholic Philippine immigrated family. Kulet and Princess bond. 

Jackie has educated Moses with online links about Black American and Hispanic history, detailing their mutual roots in the Atlantic Slave Trade, and the slavery of indigenous peoples in Central and South America. Moses is introduced to professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and has his DNA traced to find he is genetically related to Harriet Tubman. Moses is blown away by Harriet’s heroic accomplishments given all the challenges Harriet faced. 

Concurrently, King’s Pyramid Investments, Inc acquires a new credit card company, Master Calf Gold (MCG). MCG desperately needs a charismatic young minority star to make commercials. MCG’s first priority is to “hook” the exploding young adult Hispanic and Black American and South American markets. ENSOR, 30, King’s nerdy Harvard educated marketing consultant, reminds King that Moses would perfectly fit the bill. Moses has a charismatic personality, image, and exploding dance, and rap talents. King is reluctant to bring his genius adopted grandson into his murky business dealings. But Ensor convinces King to draw Moses into the mix, as this would guarantee MCG profits upwards to 1500%. They decide to use ASAP, to seduce Moses into coming aboard. ASAP, 22, is a genius pop music producer from London, who, although a stunningly attractive blonde, is a heavy drug user and practices dark occult arts of witchcraft. 

After working with Kulet for a few weeks, Kulet takes Moses from the safety of the Plain White to the ‘Hood’ of East Harlem to test his new talents. There Moses “battles” as a “triple threat” – East Harlem’s best, ‘FastFood,’ who heads Climate Change, the hip hop dance school.

 (10 “Do You Love My Music?”). 

Moses triumphs.  FastFood is humiliated and angrily leaves his post at Climate Change, with the students now wanting Moses to teach them.

The homeys award Moses their greatest honor. Moses is re-named named a.k.a. “MB” for Mos’ Best and  he gets to spray-paint his new name at the top of their graffiti “Wall of Game.” MB purposes to be a teen rap/pop star with a “greater purpose” – to empower poor minority youth by cre- ating music that makes them aware of their true historic roots in American slavery and by learning about slavery’s heroes and heroines. 

MB falls in love with Kulet. 

Jackie visits Sing Sing and up-dates Shake Spear on the dynamic new changes with their son. Shake Spear then insists that Jackie bring MB to meet him. Shake Spear’s dream is to collaborate with MB. 

Equally, MB is now also eager to study with Shake Spear (whose rap transformed his life). Jackie shares with MB that she and Shake Spear are his biological parents.

 (011 “Yes You’re Mine Too Reprise”). 

MB is confused and takes a deep emotional slide with this revelation. 

ASAP viciously competes with Kulet for MB’s love and atten- tion. ASAP writes a super-hot sexy commercial single for MB. 

(012 “Get It Off Draft”) 

ASAP  encourages MB to eat high THC-ladened cookies as a means to alleviate his emotional pain resulting from the true biological parentage revelation.

 (013 “How Do You Feel?”). 

As Act I ends, Kulet retains only half of MB’s heart. ASAP, owns the other half in her web of sexual seduction, drugs and enticingly slick commercial production skills. 

Act II 

The all female team of Princess, Jackie and Kulet manage MB’s now skyrocketing pop career, riding the back of his hit single (014 “Get It Off”). MB releases a debut five-CD concept album entitled “Life Line.” The work details the his- toric rise of Black and Hispanic America from roots in slav- ery to contemporary accomplishments. The title cut song memorializes Harriet Tubman. Life Line is a commercial crossover platinum success and is nominated for 5 grammies. 

Jackie takes MB to visit Shake Spear in Sing Sing for the first time. After an initial warm welcome, Shake Spear, ‘calls’ MB on being high. MB denies it. Shake Spear then criticizes MB for his lead single, “Get It Off” which Shake Spear remarks is hypocritically only about “booty and bling” and is no way related to empowering Black history. Offended, MB viciously puts down his dad. A rap battle ensues

 (015 “Father vs Son”). 

Shake Spear wins. 

Now that MB is firmly in the addictive clutches of ASAP, King pitches MB to sign a life contract and to start making commercials for Master Calf Gold.

 (016 “Count On You?”). 

By promising big bucks, unlimited girls plus heroin and cocaine, King gets MB to ink a deal and represent MCG in North and South American  media endorsements 

(017 “Master Calf Gold Commercial”). 

MB, now part of King’s inner circle corporate creative team, learns that Pyramid Investments, Inc. secretly launders hundreds of millions in international illegal underworld in- comes. Master Calf Gold is yet another “front” company for King’s “double life” in money laundering. ) 

(018 “Sex Extortion Video”). 

MB now embraces the identical ‘double life’ as his adoptive grandfather: one committed to lies, women and drugs. A life completely hidden from Jackie, Princess and Kulet. 

MB triumphs by first winning the coveted National Dance Competition of China (NDCOC) 

( 019 Video: “MB in China”) 

followed by five awards awards at the 2019 Grammies where he performs his single 

(020 “Life Line”) 

based on the life of Harriet Tubman. 

MB hosts an after Grammies celebration party at Kilo, an upscale Harlem hip- hop club 

(021 “Kilo”). 

On this night, the competitive tensions between ASAP and Kulet reach reach a dramatic climax. 

ASAP and Kulet dance a hip-hop/tango duet battle with MB 

(022 “I Want You”) 

to resolve who ultimately owns MB. Kulet wins. However, the celebration party turns tragic. 

MB’s arrogant cocaine-induced attitude, egged on by ASAP, draws him into a gang confrontation and an accidental homi- cide. MB escapes the crime scene with Kulet to Climate Change studio in East Harlem. 

Kulet confronts MB about his true relationship with ASAP. MB confesses his affair. Kulet is devastated and angrily gives ASAP free control over her once beloved fiancee.

 (023 “Kulet’s Lament”). 

Having now suddenly sabotaged a storybook career and hav- ing lost his first love, MB hits bottom. ASAP convinces MB to find relief in heroin. They shoot up together with MB falling asleep in ASAP’s arms. The heroin produces an over- dose which kills ASAP and puts MB into a coma, with a 25% chance of regaining consciousness. 

In a state between life and death, theatrically supported by special effects (Scott Farrar/designer), MB is “visited” by Shake Spear. Shake Spear then has MB understand that he cannot be “truly successful ” until he can live in 100% honesty. He tells his son that his lies, drugs and sex addiction are identical to the slavery he thematically spotlighted and raped about in Life Line. Shake Spear tells MB, in order to return to his body, he must now win an impending addiction battle that will arise when he says “No” to all his addictions demons. After that battle, Shake Spear instructs his son,  to return to “The Wall” in yet this spiritual dimension, to receive a new life purpose. 

Staged and choreographed as a surreal Play Station Game, MB battles a with variety of dance forms 

his own addictive demons 

(024 “Play Station”). 

MB heroically kicks his habit.

Still in the after death state, MB goes to the The Wall where he receives a new life purpose from A Higher Power, who communicates by writing instructions on the wall in graffiti. MB is instructed to bring King to the Wall. MB must then walk a tight rope using the Rod of Faith as a balance to transverse the Bottomless Chasm between life and death and safely return to his body. 

MB awakens into the forgiving arms of Princess and Jackie 

(025“Love Is Dear”)

 who are by his bedside in the hospital. MB shares with Princess and Jackie his commitment to live a new clean life. He tells them his after death experience and that he has been instructed to bring King to The Wall in East Harlem. MB does not say why. Seeing that MB is still very emotionally fragile both mothers simply encourage him

 (026 “Remember Who You Are”). 

Ensor convinces King that MB now knows too much and therefore must be killed. King is torn, but once again caves in to Ensor’s request regarding his adopted grandson. They plan to fake a gang rivalry—as a spillover from the after grammies party incident — and to have MB killed in a feigned gang assassination. 

Princess is able to have MB completely cleared of all charges by her world A-List legal team on grounds of self defense, as the victim was wanted for three hip hop homicides. 

MB calls King and requests he come with Princess and Jackie to “The Wall”. Princess, is totally confused about what is going on, but begs her dad to comply. Because of Princess, King reluctantly agrees to show up. 

MB takes King to The Wall at night with Jackie and Princess. Facing the same wall with his name at the top in graffiti, MB projects a personally produced video he has made onto The Wall. MB compassionately wants King to fully understand the extent of tragedy he is causing via his company’s illegal activities. MB hopes his grandfather can then hopefully “free those enslaved” by first making a personal spiritual change and then changing company policies. 

 MB’s video exposes King’s international underworld empire that uses under-aged girls in sex slavery—all financed by his drug money laundering. The girls shown are being abducted, drugged, and then auctioned to various sex club reps from major cities of China, The Middle East and Europe.

 (027 “The Revelation and Milk’s Plea”). 

MB himself then raps in the video

 (028 “The Writing On The Wall”) 

a direct message for King. MB’s rap connects the dots of international banking, drug money laundering, and modern day slavery of human trafficking. It offers King a way out by honest confession. 

Princess is stunned and disowns her dad.

 (029 “If I Stood By Silently”). 

King begs to explain. MB, Jackie, and Princess leave to meet their driver, with King trailing behind. 

Gun shots ring out. 

Jackie instinctively grabs MB pushing him safely to the ground. But Princess is hit and lay dying. MB holds Princess in his arms with Jackie by her side. With her last breath Princess encourages MB to stay clean and to be faithful to Kulet.

 (030 “Good-bye”). 

King is inundated with grief. 

In one last act of redemption, King apologizes to MB and confesses that his actions via his puppet New York drug cartel had framed the anti- drug rapper Shake Spear 21 years ago. King, pulls out his hand gun then commits suicide “To be with Princess…” 

MB ask humbly asks Kulet for forgiveness. Kulet forgives him (031 “It Is Your Love”).  

MB leads Shake Spear out of prison

(032 “Life Line Reprise”). 

The End. 

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