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DENMARK VESEY MUSICAL Performed in Charleston

Walter! What a strong and powerful production! Each voice was a stand alone marvel and even more magical with blended harmonies. The setting was ideal and the emotional effects on the audience, visible! Knowing the fate of Mr. Vesey never dampened our journey with him throughout the story. What a treat. Thank you!

~ Nelda Canada, Black audience member, from Columbia, SC

“The conventional theatre atmosphere dissolves into raw emotions of solos and ensemble singing. The “let’s do church!” performance style is the sturm und drang that mesmerizes the novice of such ethnic event plays, while the seasoned black churchgoer joins the ensemble in the call-and-response style that feeds the soul of spirit-filled congregants.”
…and the young child’s appeal(Chloe, Vesey’s 14 year old daughter )…was worth by the the price of admission.”
The Vesey hero shines through like a welcomed morning sunrise.
Look What A Wonder is a protest play against the epidemic of present day sexual slavery.

-Ty Collins
Review in Arts Section

“This was the best event ever to be done in Charleston”

Elderly White audience member

“You managed to create something which inspired me to make changes for the better, but without the un-productive white guilt.”

– White male audience member.

“This needs to be done on a regular monthly basis in Charleston. It is quality and will pay for itself.”

Newly elected, Charleston Mayor, John Tecklenberg