Preamble PSA/ Voting/ Non-violence

“Preamble” is a song from Look What A Wonder that is special in that the words are from The Declaration Of Independence.

Given the world erosion of democratic values, composer Walter Robinson is focused on desseminating this song in the form of a music video to as wide an audience as possible. This page explains the urgent initiative and offer viewers an opportunity to participate with gifts which are tax deductible.

The Preamble Pettus Bridge Music Video project was inspired by the late Rep. and Civil Rights Icon, John Lewis, who was a close friend and mentor to composer Walter Robinson. Walter and John met in March of 2019 and discussed a plan to share this heart-provoking song. The initiative is a continuation of that joint vision between John and Walter.

We invite anyone to assist with any amount to make this vision possible

Composer Walter Robinson, Rep. John Lewis, and Walter Jr Robinson. 2019 Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Rights Memorial


We propose that a one 45 second music video entitled “Preamble Pettus Bridge Anthem,” set with images of John Lewis and from the Montgomery Alabama Civil Rights Movement, be used to inspire these three urgent goals 

  1. Getting all Americans and particularly Black Americans in urban cities and in The South, to vote as early as possible. 
  2. To support the necessity of Non-Violence unequivocally . 
  3. As a cogent reminder to Americans that the words as stated in The Preamble urgently need to be fully realized and are now, in fact, endangered.

What it is

Plans for dissemination of Preamble Pettus Bridge Video

The video would be sent to:

  1. All professional sports teams to inquire if it might serve as a “companion anthem ” (not to replace) to the National Anthem at professional games.
  2. For release on internet social media by all avenues possible.


Video Director
Two Vocalists 
Videographers (drone and four cams)
Post production editing
Media dissemination team

501c3 Non Profit Sponsor for Tax deductible contributions

Donations are tax deductible if made out to:

American Association for Children

With note at lower left stating: “For Preamble Pettus Bridge Music Video”

Please kindly mail to: 

American Association for Children

4210 Lomac Street

Montgomery, Alabama



Tax info for American Association For Children(AAFC)

Fax: 334-351-6727

Founded Jan 1, 1984. IRS EIN 630851024


AAFC has provided the Preamble Pettus Bridge Music Video production  an office, editing room, phone, internet,..all free of charge.

Thank you so much for consideration of this time-sensitive  request.

Walter Robinson

Creative Director Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

Media Outreach Designer/ American Association For Children

808 351 6727

Audio track with Kirk Jay and Theresa Thomason.

Preamble Labor Day Preamble Video version specifically produced for a Labor Day Event at The American Mural Project honoring the American Worker.

Vote No Matter What 30 sec PSA.

I Can See Freedom – Basic Track Only

I Can See Freedom Children’s Choir Recording